Taylor Maternity Session, Fort Worth Maternity/Newborn Photographer

Taylor is just a gorgeous girl.  She is a natural in front of the camera.  I had so much fun doing her Maternity Session and she made everything so easy!!!  She has such a great Mommy glow about her.  One of my favorite maternity session to date!!  The light, location, and just everything about it.  I can’t wait to meet her precious baby boy.  I can’t wait to do her Newborn Session with her whole family!!  Such an amazing family and love being able to make these precious memories for them.  Enjoy my favorites from this gorgeous session…..  <3

Baby C’s 6 Month Session

Sweet Baby Christian came in for his 6 Month Session and he just has the cutest faces ever!! Just love his big eyes and everything.  He is a Grow With Me Client and I love getting to know these families.  They are all so much fun to work with and we always have a special bond and his sweet parents are no exception.  Love getting know him during these sessions.  It is always so much fun.  This one Baby C was a little under the weather but he was still as cute as can be.  Enjoy my favorites from the session and can’t wait to see him again and share his 9 month Session with you guys.  He was definitely Mr Irresistible!!

Baby Rhett’s 3 Month Session, Fort Worth Photographer

I want to start off by telling you this amazing Strong Baby’s story.

Rhett came to this world with a slight problem. He has Tricuspid Valve Atresia with Malposed Great Vessels which basically means his heart didn’t form correctly and he’s going to have to endure 3 surgeries in the first 3 years of his life. The first was a few days after he was born, the second will be at about 3 months old, and the third will be around his 3rd birthday.  

I have had the pleasure of photographing this families Maternity, Newborn and now his Grow With Me Package 3, 6, 9 and 1 year photos.  I can’t wait to watch this amazing boy grow it is such a blessing.  This family is the strongest family ever!!  I have been just in awe how well they have taken all of this.  They are taking all of this in such a positive and light hearted way.  It just amazes me the strength they have as a family.  I have been blessed to work with them and meet them and have them as friends.  They are truly amazing people.  That precious baby boy holds a special place in my heart and I love being able to make these precious memories for them.  I truly love what I do and what I get to experience with my job.  God does work miracles and is there every step of the way.  Stories and clients like these make all the hard work and hard times worth every bit of everything I go through to make my business work.  Amanda and Jordan thank you for everything you have given me and thank you for supporting me in my business.  Also thank you for trusting me with your precious family.  It truly is worth everything and a major blessing.  Now enjoy this little guys 3 Month Session and all his facials.  They really crack me up.  He is just the cutest thing ever!!!


B 9 Month Session, Fort Worth Photographer

Just love love love this family.  They rock and I love spending time with them and capturing this sweet baby boy in all of his precious little milestones.  He is usually all happy happy happy and smiley smiley smiley.  But his 9 Month Session he just wasn’t having it.  Still got a couple little smiles but he was not feeling it and cutting teeth and just wasn’t his day.  Still love how cute he is and enjoy having my session talks with his family.  That is one thing I love about my job is talking and getting to know my clients.  It is always so much fun!!   I enjoy meeting people and making lasting relationships.  This family is one of those and we always have so much fun.  I am so glad they are doing a Grow With Me Package so I get to see them every three months. :)  Enjoy sweet Baby B and all his cuteness with some of my favorites from his 9 Month Session.  Oh by the way I just Love my Grow With Me Clients!!  I love all my clients but these guys are special and we really create a bond since I see them on a regular basis.  Anyways enjoy!!




Sweet Baby B 3 Month Session, Fort Worth Photographer

Meet sweet Baby Braxton.  He is just so adorable and full of all sorts of faces for his 3 Month Session.  Loved to talk to me and smile.  So full of energy and life.  I had so much fun meeting him and his Momma.  His Momma is the best and we had such a great time during his session.  I am super excited to see them again at his 6 Month Session with their Grow With Me Package.  I am running a special right now where you get a free mini Milestone Session with a Maternity/Newborn package.  So if you know anyone expecting please send them my way.  I am also doing a Contest where if you book a referral you could possibly win a Free Regular one hour Session.  So get those referrals in and share share share.  Enjoy some of my favorites from this cuties session and stay on the lookout for more since I will be seeing them for a whole year.  :)


2016 Minis

Here is the list of my 2016 Minis!!! For the Month of January you get $25 off when you book any one of these so get them booked now before they are gone or it is too late!!! Contact me today!! Do not miss out of these amazing minis and share share share!!!
Valentines Day and Angel Minis – January 29,30, and 31
Spring Minis in Grapevine – March 13th and 19th
Spring Minis in Keller – March 12th
Spring Minis at the Arboretum in Dallas – March 20th
Princess Minis – April 9th
Super Hero Minis – April 16th
Mommy and Me / Family Minis – April 23rd and 24th
Family Minis / You Call It Southlake Location – Mary 21st and 22nd
Daddy and Me/ Family Minis – June 5th and 11th
Creek Minis – June 12th and 18th
4th of July Minis – June 25th and 26th
Family Minis / You Call It Grapevine Location – July 16th and 17th
Watermelon Minis – July 23rd and 24th
Back to School Minis – August 6th and 7th
Family Minis / You Call It Trinity Park – September 3rd and 4th
Fall Minis with Props Keller Location – September 17th and 18th
Fall Minis Arboretum – September 25th
Fall Family Minis at the Stockyards – October 1st and 2nd
Christmas Minis with Props – November 5, 6, and 13th
Christmas Family Minis Eagle Mountain Park Location – November 12, 19, and 20th
These dates and location are subject to change but for the most part set. They are all going to be $150 with 6 edited photos on digital download and an 8×10. If you book now through the end of January with a $25 deposit then you get $25 off.
Contest going on as well…….. Anyone that gets a referral is getting put into a drawing for a free regular one hour session. This is through the month of January as well. So get those referrals and get those minis sessions booked. Contact me today. I also have a special on my Maternity/Newborn Package where when you book it you get a free milestone session. So be sure to get the word out on that so you can get your referrals in.
Thank you again so much and can’t wait to work with all you amazing people in 2016!!


Bluebonnet Minis, Fort Worth Family Photographer

I am catching up on some much needed blogging!!! First up is my Bluebonnet Minis!! I just love these minis!! I have so much fun with them every year. I enjoy hanging out with all these amazing families. Capturing amazing memories that last a lifetime!!

B B 1-1

B B 2-1

B B 3-1

B B 4-1

B B 5-1

B B 6-1

B B 7-1

B B 8-1

B B 9-1

B B 10-1

B B 11-1

A B 1-1

A B 2-1

A B 3-1

A B 4-1

A B 5-1

A B 6-1

A B 7-1

A B 8-1

A B 9-1

R B 1-1

R B 2-1

R B 3-1

R B 4-1

R B 5-1

R B 6-1

R B 7-1

R B 8-1

K B 1-1

K B 2-1

K B 3-1

K B 4-1

K B 5-1

K B 6-1

K B 7-1

K B 8-1

K B 9-1

K B 10-1

K B 11-1

K B 12-1

K B 13-1

L P B 1-1

L P B 2-1

L P B 3-1

L P B 4-1

L P B 5-1

L P B 6-1

L P B 7-1

L P B 8-1

J B 1-1

J B 2-1

J B 3-1

J B 4-1

J B 5-1

J B 6-1

J B 7-1

J B 8-1

J B 9-1

J B 10-1

R B 1-1

R B 2-1

R B 3-1

R B 4-1

R B 5-1

R B 6-1

R B 7-1

R B 8-1

R B 9-1

R B 10-1

K Bridals, Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Just loved doing this bridal session and her gorgeous wedding which will be next on the blog with her video of her gallery. This is such an amazing couple and family. I had a blast working with them and can’t wait to work with them more. She was such a beautiful bride and just awesome to work with. Enjoy her Bridal Session.

K B 1-1

K B 2-1

K B 3-1

K B 4-1

K B 5-1

K B 6-1

K B 7-1

K B 8-1

K B 9-1

K B 10-1

K B 11-1

K B 12-1

K B 13-1

K B 14-1

K B 15-1

K B 16-1

K B 17-1

K B 18-1

K B 19-1

K B 20-1

K B 21-1

K B 22-1

K B 23-1

K B 24-1

K B 25-1

K B 26-1

K B 27-1

K B 28-1

K B 29-1

K B 30-1

K B 31-1

K B 32-1

K B 33-1

K B 34-1

K B 35-1

K B 36-1

K B 37-1

K B 38-1

K B 39-1

K B 40-1

K B 41-1

K B 42-1

K B 43-1

K B 44-1

K B 45-1

K B 46-1

K B 47-1

K B 48-1

K B 49-1

K B 50-1

K B 51-1

K B 52-1

K B 53-1

K B 54-1


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