L Spring Mini Session, Fort Worth Child Photographer

I just love Spring time and love doing these Spring Minis!! These two sweet siblings came to see me for one of my indoor Minis. I just loved meeting them and they made my job so easy!! Such sweet sweet babies!! I get to see these two for more session since they booked a Grow With me Package!! I am super excited to work with them more. For Now Enjoy their Spring Mini Session!! Cuteness overload!!

L S M 1-1

L S M 2-1

L S M 3-1

L S M 4-1

L S M 5-1

L S M 6-1

L S M 7-1

L S M 8-1

L S M 9-1

S 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session, Fort Worth Child Photographer

Sweet sweet pretty girl came to see me for her 1st birthday cake smash session!! I just loved how it all turned out and she was just too cute for words. I loved hanging out with her and her beautiful Momma. She loved her bath at the end too. It was just a blast. Enjoy!!!

S 1 Bday 1-1

S 1 Bday 2-1

S 1Bday 3-1

S 1Bday 4-1

S 1Bday 5-1

S 1Bday 6-1

S 1Bday 7-1

S 1Bday 8-1

S 1Bday 9-1

S 1Bday 10-1

S 1Bday 11-1

S 1Bday 12-1

S 1Bday 13-1

S 1Bday 14-1

S 1Bday 15-1

S 1Bday 16-1

S 1Bday 17-1

S 1Bday 18-1

S 1Bday 19-1

S 1Bday 20-1

S 1Bday 21-1

S 1Bday 22-1

S 1Bday 23-1

S 1Bday 24-1

S 1Bday 25-1

S 1Bday 26-1

S 1Bday 27-1

S 1Bday 28-1

S 1Bday 29-1

S 1Bday 30-1

S 1Bday 31-1

S 1Bday 32-1

S 1Bday 33-1

S 1Bday 34-1

S 1Bday 35-1

Ashley’s Engagement Session, Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

It was a pleasure meeting these two love birds and doing their Engagement Session. I am super excited for their wedding. They have so much love for each other and it shows in the photos. They were so easy to work with and just loved being with each other. We all had a blast. I laughed so hard through the whole session. Ashley is the sweetest and I am happy for these two. I can’t wait to be a part of their special day. Enjoy!!!

A E 1-1

A E 2-1

A E 3-1

A E 4-1

A E 5-1

A E 6-1

A E 7-1

A E 8-1

A E 9-1

A E 10-1

A E 11-1

A E 11

A E 12-1

A E 13-1

A E 14-1

A E 15-1

A E 16-1

A E 17-1

A E 18-1

A E 19-1

A E 20-1

A E 21-1

A E 22-1

A E 23-1

A E 24-1

A E 25-1

A E 26-1

A E 27-1

A E 28-1

A E 29-1

A E 30-1

A E 31-1

A E 32-1

A E 33-1

A E 34-1

A E 35-1

A E 36-1

A E 37-1

A E 38-1

A E 39-1

A E 40-1

A E 41-1

A E 42-1

A E 43-1

A E 44-1

A E 45-1

A E 46-1

A E 47-1

A E 48-1

W Birth Story, Fort Worth Birth Photographer

I was blessed to be hired to capture this amazing birth story for this awesome couple. They grew two tiny little feet and made a family of three. It was such a great experience and I loved being a part of it. Here is the video I put together of the photos. Enjoy!!

Baby B’s Arrival, Fort Worth Birth Photographer

I got to be there when my best friend gave birth to her precious little baby boy!! It was such a blessing to be a part of such a special time in their lives!! I love capturing births and all the emotions that come with it. It is such a beautiful thing. It makes it even more special when it is someone very close to you. Enjoy this video I put together of Baby B’s little birth story!!

Baby A’s Newborn Session, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

I had the pleasure of capturing sweet Baby A’s entrance into the world as well as his newborn session. His birth video I will blog later on because I am still trying to get all the pictures uploaded. So for now is his newborn session. He was such a sweetie and just loved hanging out with his parents and snuggling him. It was such a wonderful experience and I just loved every minute of both sessions. He gave me a mean look as well as a smile. hehe!! Enjoy!!

B A 1-1

B A 2-1

B A 3-1

B A 4-1

B A 5-1

B A 6-1

B A 7-1

B A 8-1

B A 9-1

B A 10-1

B A 11-1

B A 12-1

B A 13-1

B A 14-1

B A 15-1

B A 16-1

B A 17-1

B A 18-1

B A 19-1

B A 20-1

B A 21-1

B A 22-1

B A 23-1

B A 24-1

B A 25-1

L’s Frozen Princess Mini Session, Fort Worth Child Photographer

Miss L is having her 5th birthday party Frozen themed and came to see me to get some photos made for her Frozen themed Princess Minis. Just loved hanging out with her and seeing her Mom again. Had such a blast and this pretty princess is just full of personality. A heart of gold. Enjoy!!!

S F 1-1

S F 2-1

S F 3-1

S F 4-1

S F 5-1

S F 6-1

S F 7-1

S F 8-1

Mr L’s 9 Month Session, Fort Worth Child Photographer

I got to see sweet Mr L for his 9 Month session again. He is such a cutie and I just love taking his photos. He is such an easy client. His little baseball hat looks good on him. I can’t wait for his 1 year session. These little blessings like Mr L is why I love my job. Enjoy!!

L 9 M 1-1

L 9 M 2-1

L 9 M 3-1

L 9 M 4-1

L 9 M 5-1

L 9 M 6-1

L 9 M 8-1

L 9 M 9-1

L 9 M 10-1

L 9 M 11-1

L 9 M 12-1

L 9 M 13-1

L 9 M 14-1

L 9 M 15-1

L 9 M 16-1

L 9 M 17-1

L 9 M 18-1

L 9 M 19-1

L 9 M 20-1

L 9 M 21-1

L 9 M 22-1

L 9 M 23-1

L 9 M 24-1

L 9 M 25-1

L 9 M 26-1

L 9 M 27-1

L 9 M 28-1

L 9 M 29-1

L 9 M 30-1

L 9 M 31-1

L 9 M 32-1

L 9 M 33-1

L 9 M 34-1

L 9 M 35-1

L 9 M 36-1

L 9 M 37-1

L 9 M 38-1

L 9 M 39-1

L 9 M 40-1

L 9 M 41-1

L 9 M 42-1

L 9 M 43-1

L 9 M 44-1

L 9 M 45-1

L 9 M 46-1

L 9 M 7-1

B’s Frozen Princess Mini Session, Fort Worth Child Photographer

Sweet Little Miss B came to see me for her Frozen themed 2nd Birthday Mini Session. I just love doing these little dress up Princess Minis. These minis are just amazing and this little girl was a battle but finally gave in with some bribes. She is such a cutie too. I can’t wait to see this precious family again. Enjoy!!

B F 1-1

B F 2-1

B F 3-1

B F 5-1

B F 6-1

B F 7-1

B F 8-1

R Engagement Session, Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Just love love this couple!! I have been with them since they were pregnant to having their precious baby boy and taking their family pictures. Now they are about to get married and we had their engagement session. They are such a blast to work with and we had such a great time!! I can’t wait for their big day!! Just adore them!!

R E 1-1

R E 2-1

R E 3-1

R E 4-1

R E 5-1

R E 6-1

R E 7-1

R E 8-1

R E 9-1

R E 10-1

R E 11-1

R E 12-1

R E 13-1

R E 14-1

R E 15-1

R E 16-1

R E 17-1

R E 18-1

R E 19-1

R E 20-1

R E 21-1

R E 22-1

R E 23-1

R E 24-1

R E 25-1

R E 26-1

R E 27-1

R E 28-1

R E 29-1

R E 30-1

R E 31-1

R E 33-1

R E 34-1

R E 35-1

R E 36-1

R E 37-1

R E 38-1

R E 39-1

R E 40-1

R E 41-1

R E 42-1

R E 43-1

R E 44-1

R E 45-1

R E 46-1

R E 32-1


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