B 9 Month Session, Fort Worth Photographer

Just love love love this family.  They rock and I love spending time with them and capturing this sweet baby boy in all of his precious little milestones.  He is usually all happy happy happy and smiley smiley smiley.  But his 9 Month Session he just wasn’t having it.  Still got a couple little smiles but he was not feeling it and cutting teeth and just wasn’t his day.  Still love how cute he is and enjoy having my session talks with his family.  That is one thing I love about my job is talking and getting to know my clients.  It is always so much fun!!   I enjoy meeting people and making lasting relationships.  This family is one of those and we always have so much fun.  I am so glad they are doing a Grow With Me Package so I get to see them every three months. 🙂  Enjoy sweet Baby B and all his cuteness with some of my favorites from his 9 Month Session.  Oh by the way I just Love my Grow With Me Clients!!  I love all my clients but these guys are special and we really create a bond since I see them on a regular basis.  Anyways enjoy!!





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