R Engagement Session, Fort Worth Wedding Photographer

Just love love this couple!! I have been with them since they were pregnant to having their precious baby boy and taking their family pictures. Now they are about to get married and we had their engagement session. They are such a blast to work with and we had such a great time!! I can’t wait for their big day!! Just adore them!!

R E 1-1

R E 2-1

R E 3-1

R E 4-1

R E 5-1

R E 6-1

R E 7-1

R E 8-1

R E 9-1

R E 10-1

R E 11-1

R E 12-1

R E 13-1

R E 14-1

R E 15-1

R E 16-1

R E 17-1

R E 18-1

R E 19-1

R E 20-1

R E 21-1

R E 22-1

R E 23-1

R E 24-1

R E 25-1

R E 26-1

R E 27-1

R E 28-1

R E 29-1

R E 30-1

R E 31-1

R E 33-1

R E 34-1

R E 35-1

R E 36-1

R E 37-1

R E 38-1

R E 39-1

R E 40-1

R E 41-1

R E 42-1

R E 43-1

R E 44-1

R E 45-1

R E 46-1

R E 32-1


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