Baby L Newborn, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Sweet Baby L came to see me with her wonderful parents for her newborn session. I just loved meeting her and her parents. We hit it off like we have been friends forever!! They hold a special place in my heart. This precious baby girl is just too cute for words!! I hope I get to see them again!! Her Daddy was a Marine and is now going into the Coast Guard!! I thank him so much for all he has done for this great country we live in!! They are one blessed family!!! Enjoy

Baby L 1-1

Baby L 2-1

Baby L 3-1

Baby L 4-1

Baby L 5-1

Baby L 6-1

Baby L 7-1

Baby L 8-1

Baby L 9-1

Baby L 10-1

Baby L 11-1

Baby L 12-1

Baby L 13-1

Baby L 14-1

Baby L 15-1

Baby L 16-1

Baby L 17-1

Baby L 18-1

Baby L 19-1

Baby L 20-1

Baby L 21-1

Baby L 22-1

Baby L 23-1

Baby L 24-1

Baby L 25-1

Baby L 26-1

Baby L 27-1

Baby L 28-1


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