S 1st Birthday Cake Smash, Fort Worth Child Photographer

Precious Baby S turned one and came to see me to do his cake smash!! He was just as sweet as can be and this session was such a blast!!! He just loved his cake!! Cake smashes are my fave!!! I love when kiddos get all messy and have some fun!! I also love seeing families again!! This family is just amazing and so much FUN!! Can’t wait to see them again!! Enjoy!!

S 1st B Day 1-1

S 1st B Day 2-1

S 1st B Day 3-1

S 1st B Day 4-1

S 1st B Day 5-1

S 1st B Day 6-1

S 1st B Day 7-1

S 1st B Day 8-1

S 1st B Day 9-1

S 1st B Day 10-1

S 1st B Day 11-1

S 1st B Day 12-1

S 1st B Day 13-1

S 1st B Day 14-1

S 1st B Day 15-1

S 1st B Day 16-1


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