Dress Up Princess and Super Hero Minis, Fort Worth Child Photographer

These Minis were so much fun!! I am going to have to continue to do them every year. I just loved how these cuties dressed up and got to run around and play. I also loved seeing returned clients as well. Being a Super Hero and Princess is what all little kids want to do. Some of these precious babies dressed up for their birthday photos. Everyone had such a great time and the sessions turned out amazing!! Check out all my favorites for these Minis. Enjoy!!

C D U M 1-1

C D U M 4-1

C D U M 9-1

C D U M 11-1

H D U M 1-1

H D U M 3-1

H D U M 6-1

J D U M 2-1

J D U M 3-1

J D U M 7-1

J D U M 1-1

J D U M 4-1

J D U M 7-1

W D U M 1-1

W D U M 2-1

W D U M 6-1

W D U M 7-1


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