Baby M, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Sweet Sweet Baby M came to see me a couple weeks ago. Just love him and all his cuteness. His parents are awesome too!!! I did their maternity/family session a while back as well. Just all around great people. So blessed to be a part of this time in their lives. He is just too precious!! He gave me heck and wanted to be awake, but we still got greatness out of him. I just loved snuggling him though. When I heard his room was done in super heroes I was supper excited to come up with the outfits and background for those adorable shots for his room. Enjoy all his sweetness!!! ❤

Baby M 1-1

Baby M 2-1

Baby M 3-1

Baby M 4-1

Baby M 5-1

Baby M 6-1

Baby M 7-1

Baby M 8-1

Baby M 9-1

Baby M 10-1

Baby M 11-1

Baby M 12-1

Baby M 13-1

Baby M 14-1

Baby M 15-1

Baby M 16-1

Baby M 17-1

Baby M 18-1

Baby M 19-1

Baby M 20-1


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