Lemonade Stand Minis 2013, Fort Worth Child Photographer

Here are some of my favorites from the Lemonade Stand Mini’s last year. It was so much fun and these kids had a great time at a Park in Fort Worth. They got to pretend they were really selling lemonade and play with all the props that I had. I have a wonderful vendor called NapTime Bowtique that helps me with all my minis!! She rocks!! Enjoy all the cuteness….

C LSM 1-1

C LSM 2-1

B LSM 2-1

B LSM 3-1

B LSM 5-1

B LSM 1-1

B LSM 4-1

B LSM 6-1

C LSM 5-1

D LSM 1-1

D LSM 3-1

D LSM 5-1

D LSM 6-1

H LSM 1-1-1

H LSM 3-1

H LSM 4-1

K LSM 1-1

K LSM 2-1

K LSM 6-1

M LSM 1-1

M LSM 2-1

M LSM 3-1

P LSM 1-1

P LSM 4-1

P LSM 6-1

R LSM 3-1

R LSM 4-1

R LSM 6-1

R LSM 1-1

R LSM 2-1

R LSM 6-1

R LSM 8-1

T LSM 1-1

T LSM 4-1

T LSM 5-1

T LSM 7-1

W LSM 1-1

W LSM 2-1

W LSM 3-1

W LSM 1-1

W LSM 5-1

W LSM 7-1


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