R Engagement Session, Fort Worth Couples and Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful couple. I had such a fun time during their session at the Trinity Park in Fort Worth. It was freezing cold but we made the best of it and got some amazing shots. This is one of my favorite engagement sessions. I am super excited about her bridals and their wedding in September and hang out with them again!! Enjoy!!

L E 1-1

L E 2-1

L E 3-1

L E 4-1

L E 5-1

L E 6-1

L E 7-1

L E 8-1

L E 9-1

L E 10-1

L E 11-1

L E 12-1

L E 13-1

L E 14-1

L E 15-1

L E 16-1

L E 17-1

L E 18-1

L E 19-1

L E 20-1

L E 21-1

L E 22-1

L E 23-1

L E 24-1

L E 25-1

L E 26-1

L E 27-1

L E 28-1

L E 29-1

L E 30-1


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