Baby W Newborn Session, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Precious newborn Baby W came to see me at my studio in Fort Worth and he was just that PRECIOUS!!! Loved meeting his Mom and Grandma and we had so much fun during his session. He was such a perfect baby. He woke up for a few shots but for the most part sleep really well. Can’t wait to watch him grow. Enjoy his session!!

Baby W 1-1

Baby W 2-1

Baby W 3-1

Baby W 4-1

Baby W 5-1

Baby W 6-1

Baby W 7-1

Baby W 8-1

Baby W 9-1

Baby W 10-1

Baby W 11-1

Baby W 12-1

Baby W 13-1

Baby W 14-1

Baby W 15-1

Baby W 16-1

Baby W 17-1

Baby W 18-1

Baby W 19-1

Baby W 20-1

Baby W 21-1

Baby W 22-1


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