Baby N, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

I just loved meeting this new family of three. This was my first newborn of 2014 and my first session of 2014. He was awake part of the time but eventually feel asleep and was a doll through the whole session. I just loved cuddling with him. His parents are amazing too and so easy to talk to which made the session a breeze. Check out all the great photos!!

Baby N 1-1

Baby N 2-1

Baby N 3-1

Baby N 4-1

Baby N 5-1

Baby N 6-1

Baby N 7-1

Baby N 8-1

Baby N 9-1

Baby N 10-1

Baby N 11-1

Baby N 12-1

Baby N 13-1

Baby N 14-1

Baby N 15-1

Baby N 16-1

Baby N 17-1

Baby N 18-1

Baby N 19-1

Baby N 20-1

Baby N 21-1

Baby N 22-1

Baby N 23-1

Baby N 24-1

Baby N 25-1

Baby N 26-1


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