Engagement Session, Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth Texas Wedding Photographer

Ok so I am finally blogging this session and getting caught back up on my blogging. Finally!!! 🙂 This couple already had their wedding which I will be blogging soon but they are one of my favorite clients. They are such wonderful people and in love. Just loved their engagement session and just loved their wedding. I was blessed to be their photographer and watch them grow and make memories of all their wonderful life changes. I did their maternity, newborn, family, engagement, and wedding photos. I also watched their little girl grow and take her 6 month and 1 year pictures. I am so thankful to have wonderful clients like them and give them precious moments to cherish forever. Hope you enjoy their wonderful engagement session photos that were taken at the Botanical Gardens in Fort Worth.

C  K 1-1

C  K 2-1

C  K 3-1

C  K 4-1

C  K 5-1

C  K 6-1

C  K 7-1

C  K 8-1

C  K 9-1

C  K 10-1

C  K 11-1

C  K 12-1

C  K 13-1

C  K 14-1

C  K 15-1

C  K 16-1

C  K 17-1

C  K 18-1

C  K 19-1

C  K 20-1

C  K 21-1

C  K 22-1

C  K 23-1

C  K 24-1

C  K 26-1

C  K 27-1-1

C  K 28-1

C  K 29-1

C  K 30-1

C  K 31-1

C  K 32-1

C  K 33-1

C  K 34-1-1

C  K 35-1-1

C  K 25-1


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