McKena’s 1 Year Cake Smash Session, Bear Creek Park, Fort Worth Child Photographer

This little girl is to die for!! She also LOVES cake!! We had such a blast at her 1 year cake smash session at the Bear Creek Park. She was all smiles and dancing up a storm. She also loved playing peek-a-boo. Then when it was cake time it was all over!! She ate like pretty much the whole cake. It was the cutest thing to witness and take pictures of. Just love this family!! So glad I got to be apart of this special time. Hope you enjoy this session as much as I did doing it from beginning to end. 🙂

McKena 1-1

McKena 2-1

McKena 3-1

McKena 4-1

McKena 5-1

McKena 6-1

McKena 7-1

McKena 8-1

McKena 9-1

McKena 10-1

McKena 11-1

McKena 12-1

McKena 13-1

McKena 14-1

McKena 15-1

McKena 16-1

McKena 17-1

McKena 18-1

McKena 19-1

McKena 20-1

McKena 21-1

McKena 22-1


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