C Boys Session, Eagle Mountain Park, Fort Worth Children Photographer

Love Love Love this family!! I have known Laura, their mother, since I was in elementary school. Her sister was my best bud back then. Well I still think of her as my best friend but you know how life likes to grow people apart. I still love this family to pieces and so glad I get to keep up with them through my work. Photography has brought me so many things like; being able to reconnect with people, watch them grow, and make lasting memories for them. These boys turned the BIG 1 and 3!! They are such adorable babies and this family is very blessed. I hope you enjoy this session as much as I did. I love how they turned out and I adore Eagle Mountain Park. šŸ™‚

C B 1-1

C B 2-1

C B 3-1

C B 4-1

C B 5-1

C B 6-1

C B 7-1

C B 8-1

C B 9-1

C B 10-1

C B 11-1

C B 12-1

C B 13-1

C B 14-1

C B 15-1

C B 16-1

C B 17-1


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