Baby C’s Newborn Session, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Lets start out and say this baby boy was one difficult little baby boy to photograph. But he was well worth the wait and the time. He is such a precious precious baby boy. He was a delight to photograph and he even gave me a smile. His parents even took him on a car ride to try and calm him down to take pictures. LOL!! That was a first for that one. 🙂 We had such a great time though and his session left many lasting memories. This is an amazing family and I am so glad I met them. Can’t wait to take more photos of this gorgeous family. Enjoy their session. 🙂

B C S 1-1

B C S 2-1

B C S 3-1

B C S 4-1

B C S 5-1

B C S 6-1

B C S 7-1

B C S 8-1

B C S 9-1

B C S 10-1

B C S 11-1

B C S 12-1

B C S 13-1

B C S 14-1

B C S 15-1

B C S 16-1

B C S 17-1


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