Spring/Easter Mini’s, Fort Worth Photographer

I am so glad I did these sessions!! I have been wanting to make a lace tent ever since I had found it on the internet. I finally was able to make my vision come to life. I had to also accommodate boys too so I made sure I had different props for different genders. But all in all I love the tent in the woods feel. They were done at Eagle Mountain Park and Trinity Park in Fort Worth. I wanted it to be vintage and yet say Spring at the same time. I have been wanting warm weather so bad that I did this a little too early but they still worked out awesome. I will be changing it up next year so that way I can do Easter and Spring pictures. I think they are both important to have. One of the days I had scheduled for Mini’s was really cold but my clients are troopers and only a couple rescheduled. So excited to share these with you and I hope you enjoy them too. My clients are the best and these Mini’s would not be a success without you!! 🙂

B SM 1-1

B SM 3-1

B SM 1-1

B SM 3-1

E SM 1-1

E SM 3-1

H SM 1-1

H SM 3-1

J SM 2-1

J SM 12-1

K SM 1-1

K SM 2-1

A SM 1-1

A SM 2-1

L SM 2-1

L SM 4-1

M SM 3-1

M SM 4-1

M SM 1-1

M SM 4-1


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