Latoya’s Session in Deep Elum Dallas – Headshot Photography

I had such a blast with this session. Latoya contacted me to get her photos taken to promote her singing. She sing’s in Deep Elum, Dallas and wanted to get her pictures made in and around that area. There are so many cool places down there and it is such a great atmospher for that type of session. She was so easy to photograph and I was able to get some really great and artistic shots. I really enjoyed this type of session and the unique photos we were able to capture. My Mom did her makeup for this session. She is a Mary Kay consultant and does makeovers so we have teamed up for photo sessions. She can provide makeup for anyone and any session just let me know if you would like it done. I also have a hairstylist that can do your hair as well. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did. 🙂

L S 1-1

L S 2-1

L S 3-1

L S 4-1

L S 5-1

L S 6-1

L S 7-1

L S 8-1

L S 9-1

L S 10-1

L S 11-1

L S 12-1

L S 13-1

L S 14-1

L S 15-1

L S 16-1

L S 17-1

L S 18-1

L S 19-1

L S 20-1

L S 21-1

L S 22-1

L S 23-1

L S 24-1

L S 25-1

L S 26-1

L S 27-1


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