Baby G Fort Worth Texas Newborn Photographer

Sommer was referred to me from a previous client to do her precious baby boys pictures. I am so happy she was and she went with me. I had so much fun with this precious little family. I am so blessed to have gotten to meet them and spend time with them and their most handsome baby boy. He was so good and so loveable. Sommer is an amazing mother and just all around great person. When I talked to her husband (aka – Dad) I found out that he has MS just like my mother and it was awesome to talk to them about that and their new life with their little baby boy. I know you will enjoy his session as much as I did taking all his precious pictures. 🙂

Baby G 1-1

Baby G 2-1

Baby G 3-1

Baby G 4-1

Baby G 5-1

Baby G 6-1

Baby G 7-1

Baby G 8-1

Baby G 9-1

Baby G 11-1

Baby G 12-1

Baby G 13-1

Baby G 14-1

Baby G 15-1

Baby G 16-1

Baby G 17-1

Baby G 18-1


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