Senior Session Southlake Texas Photographer

I am finally blogging this session as she had special requests for her pictures. I had so much fun with this young lady. We walked around Southlake Town Square to find spots to take some really cool pictures. I loved getting to know her and her Mom and wish her all the best in her future. Seniors are so much fun and I can not wait to do more. Here is her wonderful session. Enjoy!! 🙂

T S S 1-1

T S S 2-1

T S S 3-1

T S S 4-1

T S S 5-1

T S S 7-1

T S S 8-1

T S S 9-1

T S S 10-1

T S S 11-2-1

T S S 12-1

T S S 13-1

T S S 15-1

T S S 17-1

T S S 19-1

T S S 23-1

T S S 24-1

T S S 25-1

T S S 29-1

T S S 30-1

T S S 33-1

T S S 34-2

T S S 35-1

T S S 36-1


One thought on “Senior Session Southlake Texas Photographer

  1. I was such a joy working with Christie!! My child has such a “creative soul” and we truly appreciate Christie for letting that shine through! I personally think that Christie is an AMAZING Photographer and have already referred on of my bf (beautiful friend) to her and her session is booked for tomorrow!! Yay!! I will continue to refer and use Christie in the future!!
    Much love….Delphine

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