Twins Newborn Session, Fort Worth Texas Newborn Photographer

I was so excited about this session. It was my first time with twins. I am still learning, growing, and loving maternity/newborn photography. I also have a goal to do a lot more newborn sessions this year. I have a lot of props in the works to help as well. So with doing these two precious girls session it has helped me even more. I enjoyed this session so much even with getting pooped and peed on. 🙂 I went to high school with their Dad and their Mom I get my Scentsy stuff from. She is the best around when it comes to Scentsy. You guys should check her out. Thank you so much for allowing me to take their precious photos. Enjoy all the pics from their session. Can’t wait to get my hands on some more babies.

O A Newborn 1-1

O A Newborn 2-1

O&A Newborn 4-1

O&A Newborn 5-1

O&A Newborn 6-1

O&A Newborn 7-1

O&A Newborn 8-1

O&A Newborn 9-1

O&A Newborn 10-1

O&A Newborn 11-1

O&A Newborn 13-1

O&A Newborn 16-1

O&A Newborn 17-1

O&A Newborn 19-1

O&A Newborn 20-1

O&A Newborn 22-1


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