S Maternity at the Los Colinas Canals

This is such an awesome couple. They were so much fun to hang out with and just kept me laughing. The funny thing is that we know people in small places. Once we became friends on Facebook we realized that we have a lot of friends in common. It is a very small world. 🙂 I have actually known her since probably middle school because she has been good friends with my cousin since then. I worked with someone he is related too and the list goes on and on. We decided to do the maternity session at the Los Colinas Canals due to the rain and plus it is such a beautiful place. Lots and lots of photo ops. It was such a great session and there were so many great photos that came out of it. They were such a blessing to work with. They are going to be great parents and I can not wait to meet little K. He should be here anytime now and I am getting all giddy. Enjoy the photos……
S Maternity 1-1

S Maternity 2-2

S Maternity 3-3

S Maternity 4-4

S Maternity 6-6

S Maternity 7-7

S Maternity 9-9

S Maternity 10-10

S Maternity 11-11

S Maternity 12-12

S Maternity 13-13

S Maternity 14-14

S Maternity 15-15

S Maternity 16-16

S Maternity 17-17

S Maternity 18-18

S Maternity 19-19

S Maternity 20-20

S Maternity 21-21

S Maternity 22-22

S Maternity 23-23

S Maternity 24-24

S Maternity 25-25

S Maternity 26-26


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