B and T Engagement at the Las Colinas Canals

This was a very special session to me. Teiah is my best friend since High School and has been by my side through think and thin. We have had our many laughs, crazy moments, and of course the not so good moments. Through it all we have stayed close friends and I love her very much. She is like a sister I never had. Now she has found that man (Brad) and he completes her. They are so cute together and he is like everything she has been wanting in a spouse. It is funny because they are a match.com couple. They met through the internet and just were perfect for each other. I couldn’t ask for anyone better for my best friend. He popped the question on 9/22/2012 at the Cirque De Soleil in Dallas during intermission. They went to the VIP section and the manager there that was helping Brad pull this off handed everyone clown noses. Which Teiah thought it was for the kids and then little did she know that the ring was inside her clown nose. So sweet. This is why some pictures were done with clown noses. I was so honored to do their engagement and can not wait to be in the wedding. I know she is going to be a beautiful bride and it is going to be the most amazing wedding. So so happy for her. I just can’t put it all into words. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. Such an amazing time with this couple. ❤
B&T E 1

B&T E 2

B&T E 3

B&T E 4

B&T E 5

B&T E 6

B&T E 7

B&T E 8

B&T E 9

B&T E 10

B&T E 11

B&T E 12

B&T E 13

B&T E 14

B&T E 15

B&T E 16

B&T E 17

BT E 18

BT E 19


One thought on “B and T Engagement at the Las Colinas Canals

  1. I am honored in so many ways: through your undying friendship, amazing photography skills, and now this. Stop it! LOL. You are amazing to me any so many ways. Thank you for always being a loving friend. I love you too, Chica!

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