P Family Session at the Stockyards in Fort Worth TX

This family is so awesome. They wanted to get pictures with their family and then the grandparents. We did some Christmas and some not Christmas themed. The Stockyards in downtown Fort Worth is the best place for sessions like this. I enjoy our session so much. I did Ryan and Melissa’s baby girl Claire for her newborn session and now here she is at 2 months old with the whole family. Man how time does fly by!! Ryan and Melissa have three beautiful little girls and the girls have amazing grandparents. I went to school with Ryan he graduated when I was a sophomore and now I am taking his precious families pictures. I love sessions where it can be laid back and anything goes. When the kids can act goofy and do what they want then you get much better pictures out of them. I am so happy I am able to take their pictures because not only do I catch up with an old friend but I get to meet new ones and watch their precious babies grow up. They are both great parents and Melissa and I are like long lost friends. This family is blessed and I am blessed to have gotten to take their pictures that makes lasting memories for them. I hope you enjoy their photos as much as I did. 🙂
P L Family 5
P L Family 2P L Family 3P L Family 1P L Family 8P L Family 11P L Family 12P L Family 7P L Family 9P L Family 13P L Family 4P L Family 6P L Family 10P L Family 14


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