L Maternity Session in Fort Worth Texas

Lindsay came to me to do her maternity and newborn sessions and of course for my love of little bitty babies and gorgeous Mommy to be’s I could not resist. But first she wanted to do a secret session for her hubby who has been a away with work during most of her pregnancy. So she asked me to do a private little mini maternity session at the Trinity Park in Fort Worth so she can surprise her hubby at the hospital after she has their precious baby boy. This session was so much fun and really captures the beauty of pregnancy. She is a beautiful Mommy to be inside and out. Now if her hubby can stay in town long enough to have a regular maternity session then she will be set for that baby boy to get here……..But those babies come when they are ready so we shall see what happens. So stay tuned for either more maternity pics or newborn pics of that precious little baby boy. 🙂
L Maternity 1

L Maternity 2

L Maternity 3

L Maternity 5

L Maternity 6

L Maternity 7

L Maternity 8

L Maternity 9


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