S 1st Birthday Cake Smash, Fort Worth Child Photographer

Precious Baby S turned one and came to see me to do his cake smash!! He was just as sweet as can be and this session was such a blast!!! He just loved his cake!! Cake smashes are my fave!!! I love when kiddos get all messy and have some fun!! I also love seeing families again!! This family is just amazing and so much FUN!! Can’t wait to see them again!! Enjoy!!

S 1st B Day 1-1

S 1st B Day 2-1

S 1st B Day 3-1

S 1st B Day 4-1

S 1st B Day 5-1

S 1st B Day 6-1

S 1st B Day 7-1

S 1st B Day 8-1

S 1st B Day 9-1

S 1st B Day 10-1

S 1st B Day 11-1

S 1st B Day 12-1

S 1st B Day 13-1

S 1st B Day 14-1

S 1st B Day 15-1

S 1st B Day 16-1

Baby J Newborn, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Sweet Sweet Baby J, He was born early so when I saw him for his newborn session he was such a little squishy thing. Just too cute for words. I love seeing this family!! Big Sister melts my heart!! Such a blessed family and I can’t wait to see them again!! Enjoy!!

Baby J 1-1

Baby J 2-1

Baby J 3-1

Baby J 4-1

Baby J 5-1

Baby J 6-1

Baby J 7-1

Baby J 8-1

Baby J 9-1

Baby J 10-1

Baby J 11-1

Baby J 12-1

Baby J 13-1

Baby J 14-1

Baby J 15-1

Baby J 16-1

Baby J 17-1

Baby J 18-1

Baby J 19-1

Baby J 20-1

Baby J 21-1

Baby J 22-1

Baby J 23-1

Baby J 24-1

Baby J 26-1

Baby J 27-1

Baby J 28-1

Baby J 25-1

Baby A Newborn, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

I just Love Love Love this family!! They are just amazing!! Sweet Baby A came to see me and she was a doll during her newborn session. Her precious brothers are adorable too!! They were so good and excited about their new baby sister!! Had such a fun time with this family and chatting with the Momma during the session!! I can’t wait to see them all again!!

Baby A 1-1

Baby A 2-1

Baby A 3-1

Baby A 4-1

Baby A 5-1

Baby A 6-1

Baby A 7-1

Baby A 8-1

Baby A 9-1

Baby A 10-1

Baby A 11-1

Baby A 12-1

Baby A 13-1

Baby A 14-1

Baby A 15-1

Baby A 16-1

Baby A 17-1

Baby A 18-1

Baby A 19-1

Baby A 20-1

Baby A 21-1

Baby A 22-1

Baby A 23-1

Baby A 24-1

Baby A 25-1

Baby A 26-1

Baby C Newborn, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

Baby C came to see me and I just fell in love!! He is so precious and just a darling to work with!! All these babies give me baby fever but also give me my baby fix!! Best Job in the World!!! I just love this family to pieces too and can’t wait to see them again!!! Enjoy this handsome little boy!!

Baby C 1-1

Baby C 2-1

Baby C 3-1

Baby C 4-1

Baby C 5-1

Baby C 6-1

Baby C 7-1

Baby C 8-1

Baby C 9-1

Baby C 10-1

Baby C 11-1

Baby C 12-1

Baby C 13-1

Baby C 14-1

Baby C 15-1

Baby C 16-1

Baby C 17-1

Baby C 18-1

Baby C 19-1

Baby C 20-1

Baby J Newborn, Fort Worth Newborn Photographer

I loved seeing this precious family again!! These kids are just amazing and they love their new baby sister!! Baby J is just precious and she did so awesome during her newborn session!! I just loved every minute. Who wouldn’t love snuggling these precious babies for a couple of hours. Enjoy all her cuteness!!

Baby J 7-1

Baby J 6-1

Baby J 5-1

Baby J 4-1

Baby J 3-1

Baby J 2-1

Baby J 1-1

Baby J 8-1

Baby J 9-1

Baby J 10-1

Baby J 11-1

Baby J 12-1

Baby J 13-1

Baby J 14-1

Baby J 15-1

Baby J 16-1

Baby J 17-1

Baby J 18-1

Baby J 19-1

Baby J 20-1

C Maternity Session, Fort Worth Maternity/Newborn Photographer

I just loved this maternity session. The Momma to be is just stunning. I am excited to meet their new bundle of joy for his newborn session!! We had a blast doing this session and I can’t wait to hang out with this wonderful couple again soon!! I loved all her props she brought too they had such a special meaning!! Enjoy!!!

C Maternity 22-1

C Maternity 23-1

C Maternity 24-1

C Maternity 25-1

C Maternity 26-1

C Maternity 27-1

C Maternity 21-1

C Maternity 20-1

C Maternity 19-1

C Maternity 18-1

C Maternity 17-1

C Maternity 16-1

C Maternity 15-1

C Maternity 14-1

C Maternity 13-1

C Maternity 12-1

C Maternity 11-1

C Maternity 10-1

C Maternity 9-1

C Maternity 8-1

C Maternity 7-1

C Maternity 6-1

C Maternity 5-1

C Maternity 4-1

C Maternity 3-1

C Maternity 2-1

C Maternity 1-1

C Maternity 28-1

C Maternity 29-1

C Maternity 30-1

C Maternity 31-1

C Maternity 32-1

C Maternity 33-1

C Maternity 34-1

C Maternity 35-1

C Maternity 36-1

C Maternity 37-1

C Maternity 38-1

C Maternity 39-1

C Maternity 40-1

C Maternity 41-1

C Maternity 42-1

C Maternity 43-1

C Maternity 44-1

C Maternity 45-1

C Maternity 46-1

C Maternity 47-1

C Maternity 48-1

C Maternity 49-1

C Maternity 50-1

S Maternity, Fort Worth Maternity/Newborn Photographer

I just loved loved this couple when I met them for the first time for their maternity session!! They are so much in love and in love with their new little bundle on the way. I can’t wait to meet him soon to do his newborn session!! Plus I get to hang out with this wonderful couple again!! Just love my job and the many lives I get to be a part of. It is such a joy and this couple holds a special place in my heart. We had so much fun and laughs during their maternity session. Enjoy!!

S Maternity 1-1

S Maternity 2-1

S Maternity 3-1

S Maternity 4-1

S Maternity 5-1

S Maternity 6-1

S Maternity 7-1

S Maternity 8-1

S Maternity 9-1

S Maternity 10-1

S Maternity 11-1

S Maternity 12-1

S Maternity 13-1

S Maternity 14-1

S Maternity 15-1

S Maternity 16-1

S Maternity 17-1

S Maternity 18-1

S Maternity 19-1

S Maternity 20-1

S Maternity 21-1

S Maternity 22-1

S Maternity 23-1

S Maternity 24-1

S Maternity 25-1

S Maternity 26-1

S Maternity 27-1

S Maternity 28-1

S Maternity 29-1

S Maternity 30-1

S Maternity 31-1

S Maternity 32-1

S Maternity 33-1

S Maternity 34-1

S Maternity 35-1

S Maternity 36-1

S Maternity 37-1

S Maternity 38-1

S Maternity 39-1

S Maternity 40-1

R Maternity, Fort Worth Maternity/Newborn Photographer

This Gorgeous Momma to be came to see me for her maternity session and we had such a great time. This couple is just stunning and amazing!! I loved hanging out with them and can’t wait to meet their precious baby boy soon!! I loved everything about their session!! Enjoy!!

R Maternity 16-1

R Maternity 17-1

R Maternity 18-1

R Maternity 19-1

R Maternity 20-1

R Maternity 21-1

R Maternity 22-1

R Maternity 23-1

R Maternity 24-1

R Maternity 25-1

R Maternity 28-1

R Maternity 26-1

R Maternity 27-1

R Maternity 29-1

R Maternity 30-1

R Maternity 31-1

R Maternity 32-1

R Maternity 33-1

R Maternity 34-1

R Maternity 35-1

R Maternity 36-1

R Maternity 37-1

R Maternity 38-1

R Maternity 39-1

R Maternity 40-1

R Maternity 41-1

R Maternity 42-1

R Maternity 43-1

R Maternity 44-1

R Maternity 15-1

R Maternity 14-1

R Maternity 13-1

R Maternity 12-1

R Maternity 11-1

R Maternity 10-1

R Maternity 9-1

R Maternity 8-1

R Maternity 7-1

R Maternity 6-1

R Maternity 5-1

R Maternity 4-1

R Maternity 3-1

R Maternity 2-1

R Maternity 1-1

W Girls Sister Session, Fort Worth Child Photographer

I just love love everything about this session!! I am so excited at how they turned out and to see my vision of these by the lake pics come to life!! These sisters are just too cute for words. I love seeing them again. Everytime I see them they just keep getting more and more precious. I am so very blessed to take these precious photos of these babies!! Their Momma is amazing and we always have so much fun. Enjoy the session!! :)

W Girls 1-1

W Girls 2-1

W Girls 3-1

W Girls 4-1

W Girls 5-1

W Girls 6-1

W Girls 7-1

W Girls 8-1

W Girls 9-1

W Girls 10-1

W Girls 11-1

W Girls 12-1

W Girls 13-1

W Girls 14-1

W Girls 15-1

W Girls 16-1

W Girls 17-1

W Girls 18-1

W Girls 19-1

W Girls 20-1

W Girls 21-1

W Girls 22-1

W Girls 23-1

W Girls 24-1

W Girls 25-1

W Girls 26-1

W Girls 27-1

W Girls 28-1

W Girls 29-1

W Girls 30-1

W Girls 31-1

W Girls 32-1

W Girls 33-1

W Girls 34-1

W Girls 35-1

W Girls 36-1

W Girls 37-1

W Girls 38-1

W Girls 39-1

W Girls 40-1


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